We are a team! You are part of who we are and how we function. Without your faithful donations to our ministry, we would not be able to do what God has called us to in Mexico City. Thank you for your interest in being part of our team and an extension of the hands and feet of Jesus. If you don't find your donation fitting into one of the categories below, contact us at and we can assist you in making your donation possible.

Missionary Support

All of our staff facilitate monthly support in order to serve time here in YWAM CMC. By donating to a staff member, you are investing directly into the lives of those we minister to here in Mexico City and the nations.

Sponsor a DTS Student.

By sponsoring a DTS student you can help young people take their first steps into missions. This can be given towards their lecture phase and/or outreach phase. This is a tool in which we can offer students opportunity to participate in a program that, without your donation, would not be an opportunity for them.

General Donations

General donations are used for the operating costs of our ministry location (electric, water, supplies and equipment, maintenance, etc.) and enable us to function in the different areas of ministry here at YWAM CMC. Should you choose, you may allocate your donation to a specific area.

Ministry Donations

Ministry donations can be directly allocated to a particular ministry that we run here in YWAM CMC such as Distribution, Street Kids, Block Parties, etc.

Giving Instructions


1. Make checks payable to: YWAM

2. Designate your donation: DON CMC (If you are donating for a specific person or student, please contact for specific giving instructions.)

3. Mail the check to: YWAM El Paso-Juárez – 4444 Edgar Park Avenue – El Paso, TX 79904 – USA

Online Bill Pay:

1. Log in to your bank account online.

2. Go to “Bill Pay” or similar method of sending bank authorized checks.

3. Enter Youth With A Mission El Paso/Juarez as a Company to be Paid (Vendor), using the following address:

4444 Edgar Park Avenue, El Paso, TX 79904

4. Enter DON CMC in the Account box. (If you are donating for a specific person or student, please contact for specific giving instructions.)

5. Enter amount of donation and date you wish to send or set up recurring donations.

6. Enter remaining requested information. 7. Confirm the transaction as directed.

Pay Pal:

You may give to the base PayPal account through:

Bank Account Deposit

You may give directly to our account with Banco Santander. Contact us for specific account details and instructions at


We are here to help 🙂