The Discipleship Training School (DTS) began within the heart of a dreamer, our founder Loren Cunningham, more than 50 years ago. A dreamer who saw a need in the world and was willing to push the boundaries of the social norm. There was not yet a program to get young dreamers and modern day world-changers for the voice-less into the nations, so he created the avenue to what we now know to be the first steps into Youth With A Mission. But most importantly, this dream has created a proactive tool for discipling young people that act as a contagious breath of life in a hurting and desperate generation, wherever they may be.


We are looking to facilitate these types of dreams in the hearts of the next generation! The world is longing to be heard and not only be heard but to also see an active movement of change. A generation that does not graze the pastures of the past, expecting what has always functioned to miraculously apply itself to the current time; but that enthusiastically develops innovative and culturally relevant paths to the King of the universe. You are cordially invited to be a part of the movement.

This September JUSTICE DTS 2017 will be our next opportunity for you you to join us. We are seeking those who have a desire to see God move through the power of His love, grace and JUSTICE.

DTS is a 6 month program divided into two phases. The first three months are 12 individual classes focused on learning about who God is, who He is within you and how to share that with the world. The second three month phase is all about putting everything into practice with a cross-cultural, hands-on outreach.


September JUSTICE DTS 2017

Prices: $3,100 USD A countries (Plus $50 USD application fee)
$24,500 MXN B countries (Plus $500 MXN application fee)


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