Foundations for Counseling Ministry

NEXT SCHOOL => MAY 20, 2018

Our goal is to equip and train those already on the field in order to better serve the ministries in which they are presently serving.
An essential part of this school is the goal of bringing redemption and inner healing to the student, to families, and ultimately to their surrounding communities.

Each student will walk through each of the fundamental truths of Christian life and freedom to then be trained to teach these same truths to local churches, ministries, and/or the community.

This school is a school of YWAM CMC but the school will take place at a secondary location. The school runs on an altered schedule that will be coordinated with the main base schedule but will keep it's own weekly requirements apart from the main base location

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Costs: *Subject to change
Registration: $50 USD
Lecture phase: $400 USD per month (three months)
Outreach phase: $700-$2500 USD *Actual cost to depend on the location

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