Loving Loud:

Since 2013 God showed us the brokenness and need that thousands of people are experiencing in the middle of the Red Light Districts in Mexico City, we were called to go out and love on them, we need to Love Loud.

Mexico City has the largest Red light district in Latin America, you can find around 5000 woman in Merced  24/7 standing in the streets, and next to them all the people that are in need of God’s rescue.

God has called us to share his good news  with all of them:

  • The women: under human traffic, or even the ones who doesn’t have a pimp anymore, older woman that in their youth were profitable for the pimps now are not “good enough”, but this woman stay in the streets because they think that this is the only thing that they can do with their lives.
  • The pimps, once  they were little boys who did not have a good family, they grew up in an environment full of violence and abuse, since their childhood many of them were exposed to painful event so they would be trained to become pimps, there are no words to describe the awful experiences they have gone through and it seems almost impossible to have hope for them, but Jesus is the one that softens their heart as they show their brokenness, and miracles of freedom and redemption begin.
  • The clients: it is well said with no demand there is no offer, but more than that we see, and have heard from the very own clients how they want to reproduce the hurts they have, it is a cycle of pain and slavery that God wants to break. As we have talked with many clients some get upset with us and say that if we talk they won’t be able to do “what they were there for”, so they leave. Others begin to cry as they recognize how much they need Jesus love and his healing. Beautiful things happen as we share his truth.

God has been so good and we have been able to see miracles, girls leaving the streets, and lives transformed. But there still a lot of work to do.

God has a plan, he already knows the next step,  as part of the strategy that he is sharing with us  we have News coming soon!

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