We are called to worship him, with all we are.

As a base we have special times of Worship every Monday and Friday at 9 am.


We believe in the power of intercession.

So every Tuesday at 9 am we join to hear God’s voice and engage with his heart for this world.

During the years the Lord had opened amazing doors to go and intercede  in key places in our cities, like the Congress, we have opportunities to pray for key people in the government,  there are other places were we have been invited, if you have a heart for intercession please contact us because we have new plans to grow this ministry.

Prayer walks: as the Lord leads we go out in specific areas of the city to do prayer walks and declare his truth, sometimes we go out and have a worship time in the streets as well and that takes gives place to:


How amazing is the redemptive plan of God so we can share his gift of love and salvation with others!

We are constantly sharing his truth in creative ways, this is a huge door to begin with the discipleship process.

Anywhere in the city and anytime God leads we go and share his salvation.

Come join us! We give free hugs, pray for sick people, see miracles happening, the Kingdom of God coming to earth!

If your heart has a passion for Worship, Intercession or Evangelism please send us your info and we will gladly contact you! 🙂